Niko Göttsche

German-Italian citizen Niko Göttsche is born in Milan in 1970. Architecture studies at the Politecnico di Milano and a Master degree in Design at Domus Academy in 1997. Niko’s career starts as producer of independent design exhibits at the Milano Design Week. Free-lance designer for architecture firms in Milan, Niko developed retail projects for clients such as Luis Vuitton, LVMH, Yoshie Inaba, Muji, Samsonite, Ray-Ban; furniture, lights and products for Driade, Marazzi, O-luce. Niko worked as Domus tutor for design’s workshops and as researcher for environmental sustainability projects. Since 2010 Niko works for his own clients in the field of furniture, interiors and exhibits. His first design for View, Varaschin was awarded by the ADI Design Index. Niko’s most recent designs are the pouf family “Fourfivesix” for Vibieffe, the collection of up-cycled rubber bags “Season’s Greetings” for Vibram, the temporary bar concept “Fernandito” for Fratelli Branca distilleries and “The Inconstant Gardener” exhibit for Ken Scott.